Meet the people who built Dokio from the ground up.

Our vision for Dokio is to help brands communicate consistently and efficiently. We're here to streamline the production of branded communications from content creation, to approvals, to final output.

Scott Bonanno, Managing Director.

Ten years ago, I started a branding and digital agency called Liquorice. We have always thrived at the intersection of brand design and technology, so it’s no surprise that Dokio grew out of that space. Dokio’s design automation software gives clients a safe and secure platform from which all their branded communications can be created, distributed and managed. Our aim is to retire the endless back-and-forth with agencies, briefs and approvals, and allow businesses to concentrate on their next big idea.

The Dokio leadership team

Scott Bonanno

Managing Director

Jonathon Bellew

Technical Director

Brent Everett

Account Director

Tim Heraud

Production Manager

Reinar Rivera

Product Manager

Max Wheeler

Senior Developer